Case study: McDonald’s app redesign

A yellow M letter of McDonald’s logo seen from below with sky as background

Research Phase

Why McDonald’s?

Two McDonald’s apps are shown as a screenshot from AppStore. On the left is the McDonald’s app, displaying the ratings, category, newest updates and some preview of the app’s screen. And on the right is the McDelivery Indonesia. It also displayed the ratings, category, newest updates and app’s screen preview.
Left: McDonald’s app, right: McDelivery Indonesia app.
Some screens for McDonald’s app (left) and McDelivery app (right).

So, what does the AppStore say…?

Some of the reviews found on AppStore.

Any competitor apps?

Left: Grab App (with 4.5/5 stars), right: Gojek App (with 3.8/5 stars), taking second and first place respectively in ‘Travel’ category on AppStore.

The People

Personas created to help building empathy.

What then seems to be the problem here?

The Development

Re-design of app in lo-fi (left) and hi-fi (right).
Real-time tracking (left) and in-app chat feature (right).
From left to right: Checkout screen — adding promo — promo details — promo applied.
Verification by phone number, saving user time.




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